Clear Guidance on Your Path to Recovery From OCD

An online training program to help you learn the necessary skills and develop a clear plan to take your life back from OCD
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What Is the Overcoming OCD Masterclass?

The Overcoming OCD Masterclass is your COMPLETE A-Z training program that will teach you the EXACT skills you need to take your life back from OCD!

It can be very difficult to sort through all the misinformation out there and we take great pride in giving you a map to clarify your recovery plan.

And once you get clear on your plan and implement the right strategies, results will follow. Sign up today because you deserve to live a life that is not controlled by OCD.

How Does The Masterclass Work?

Go Through The Digital Training

Immerse yourself in our digital library of videos at your own pace and from the comfort of your own home.

Develop Your Customized Recovery Plan

Learn the evidence-based strategies and develop the skills you need to be successful

Find Your Freedom From OCD

Implement this framework in your day-to-day practice and start building a new life for yourself!

Here's a Complete Breakdown of the Masterclass 

Week 1: Setting Yourself Up For Success

In Week 1, you will get the educational foundation needed to help you understand how to actually achieve success which includes:

  • Understanding what it takes to truly be successful
  • Understanding all the ways OCD impacts your life
  • Challenging limiting beliefs about OCD Recovery
  • Understanding the role you play in OCD

Week 2: Understanding OCD

In Week 2, you will learn about OCD and why the strategies in the program are so effective which include:

  • Properly identifying your different obsessions & compulsions
  • Understanding the difference between ego-syntonic and ego-dystonic thoughts
  • Understanding the parts of the brain involved with OCD and the role of neuroplasticity in recovery
  • How your brain can actually rewire itself through this process

Week 3: Preparing For Success

In Week 3, I'll help you start preparing for a life free from OCD which includes:

  • Defining your values and determining what is important in your life
  • Identifying the core reasons you want to recover which will help sustain long-term motivation
  • Uncovering the common problems most people face with recovery and how to overcome them
  • Understanding the Three Senses of Self 

Week 4: Facing Down Fear

In Week 4, we dive head-first into facing fear and i'll teach you the techniques, tools, tricks, & tips that you will need to be successful which include:

  • Learning how to identify the root of your fear
  • How to the apply the 4 Step Process effectively
  • How to use Exposure and Response Prevention properly
  • The different types of exposures you can utilize
  • How to create and execute an exposure hierarchy

Week 5: Learning How To ACT

In Week 5, we discuss Acceptance & Commitment Therapy and why it is so important to the recovery process. In this section you'll learn:

  • Why Acceptance and Commitment Therapy is a crucial step to the recovery process
  • The true power of Radical Acceptance and committing to value based living 
  • How to effectively apply Acceptance and Commitment Therapy into your day-to-day life

Week 6: Relapse Prevention

In Week 6, we discuss relapse prevention and how to maintain your progress along with additional resources you can take with you on your journey. In this section you'll learn:

  • All the final little tools, tricks, and techniques to maintain your freedom from OCD
  • How to focus on and maintain your progress & the importance of pushing through tough times 
  • Additional resources that you can take with you on your journey
  • And much more...
Join Overcoming OCD For Only 3 Payments of $119
Join Overcoming OCD For Only 1 Payment of $297

And When You Join You'll Get All Of These Amazing Bonuses Completely FREE...

Special Bonus # 1

SIX Overcoming OCD Weekly Workbooks ($297 Value)

These workbook includes:

  • Several Resource Guides To Expand Your Knowledge Base
  • Section Outlines To Help You Retain The Information
  • Worksheets Designed To Walk You Through Each Step 
  • Plus additional resources that you can take with you on your journey

Special Bonus # 2 

Getting Out Of Your Head and Into Your Life ($47 Value)

If you find yourself stuck in your head often it is important to start practicing being present in your life. This guide will show you:

  • Over 30 actionable things you can start doing each day that will help you get out of your head
  • How doing this one simple thing when you wake up can make a huge difference in your entire day
  • How to create a daily routine that will help you take your life back

Special Bonus # 3 

Willpower & OCD ($47 Value)

There's a common myth floating around out there that would tell you that in order to beat OCD you just need more willpower... well in this guide I cover:

  • The 3 different types of Willpower 
  • Why willpower alone isn't enough when it comes to OCD
  • How to strengthen and increase your Willpower - specifically with resisting compulsions

Special Bonus #4 

Meditation For Mental Health ($197 Value)

I am a huge promoter of meditation and mindfulness, but I get a lot of questions about "How to do it" in this bonus training I cover:

  • The Difference Between Mindfulness And Meditation
  • The Benefits Of Meditation (Specifically on Anxiety and OCD)
  • The Four Biggest Mistakes People Make When Starting Out And How To Avoid Them
  • Different Ways You Can Adopt Meditation Into Your Daily Practice

Special Bonus # 5 

Nutrition & Exercise 101 ($197 Value)

A LOT of people make the false assumption that mental health and physical health are two separate things...well in this bonus module I cover:

  • How Physical Health & Mental Health Are Connected And How You Can Use Physical Exercise To Improve Your Mental Health
  • Different Types Of Micronutrients and Macronutrients That Can Help You
  • Supplements You May Want To Consider Adding To Your Diet
  • Different Exercises That Will Specifically Help With Mental Health
Join Overcoming OCD For Only 3 Payments of $119
Join Overcoming OCD For Only 1 Payment of $297

And The Entire Course Is Super Mobile Friendly So You Can Access It From Your Favorite Device

"Overcoming OCD had helped me in ways I can’t even begin to describe. I am so grateful I found this program."

OCD Academy Student

"This training has taught me so much. I have made more progress in the last month than I have in the last year. I haven’t felt this hopeful in long time."

OCD Academy Student

"Thanks! This is easy to follow, informative, and very actionable. Exactly what I needed"

OCD Academy Student

About Your Instructor

The digital trainings are taught by Matthew Codde LCSW, founder of the The OCD Academy. Matt has a unique perspective in that he personally completed treatment for OCD in his early twenties and moved forward to help guide others who are struggling. Matt has studied OCD and the different treatment techniques for over a decade, and as such, is versatile and unique in how he combines his personal experience with evidence-based practices.

The OCD Academy framework is designed around the process Matt used to get his life back. This resulted in him clarifying a path that others can follow. Since then, he has gone on to impact tens of thousands of people with his online videos, speak at international conferences, and consult hundreds of people struggling with OCD.

What Is My Investment?

How much time and energy is being stuck in the OCD  loop costing you? How many hours have you spent trying to "get control" of your thoughts with no success? How many opportunities have you avoided because you are afraid of getting triggered? A lack of clarity may already be costing you a lot more than you realize.

3 Monthly Payments


*3 monthly payments of $119, totaling $357. First payment will be drafted immediately, then you’ll be drafted on the date of purchase for the following 2 months.

A True Step-by-Step Actionable Plan From The Comfort Of Your Home

39 Paradigm Shift Packed Digital Videos

Dozens of Helpful Worksheets

Exclusive Access to Bonus Videos and Resources



One-Time Payment


Pay in Full and SAVE!

A True Step-by-Step Actionable Plan From The Comfort Of Your Home

39 Paradigm Shift Packed Digital Videos

Dozens of Helpful Worksheets

Exclusive Access to Bonus Videos and Resources



My 30-Day "Try the Whole Course" 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

When You Enroll in the Course Today

You Have A FULL 30-Days To Go Through The Course 100% RISK FREE!

If You Feel The Course Wasn't Helpful Or Didn't Meet Your Expectations For ANY Reason Just Email The Support Team at [email protected]

And We Will Issue A Prompt And Courteous Refund Where You Will Get 100% Of Your Money Back. 


Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

A: The OCD Academy Masterclass is an online training program that walks you through information and strategies aimed to help you take your life back from OCD. The Training is broken up into 6 weeks and each module contains multiple easy-to-digest videos that are complete with actionable steps to help you apply the knowledge.

The Masterclass also includes supplemental guides and worksheets that accompany the video trainings to help you apply what you’re learning. When you're done you’ll have a packet of breakthrough ideas, major insights, and some actionable steps to take.

All you need is access to the internet and you can go through the course on your computer, phone, tablet, or other mobile devices.

A: One of the biggest steps people take on the road to recovery is realizing that compulsions are the lifeblood of OCD, no matter what “type” of OCD you struggle with. The Overcoming OCD Masterclass helps you clearly identify all of your different compulsions and gives you clear actionable steps on how to start removing them.

So this program truly is for anybody the struggles with OCD, no matter the sub-type. I've worked with people who have every type of OCD you can think of, and they've all benefited from this process.

A: You get both because you need both to have a breakthrough on your path to recovery. I'll teach you the treatment framework and why it works... so you completely understand it, but we won't stop with the theory.

I'll also guide you through exercises that will help you apply it to your own life. Plus, I use a lot of real-life examples and analogies, so you almost forget you're even learning through the training.

A: This is actually the perfect time to register. Go through the course, and you'll be heading down the right path from the start. A lot of people (including myself) invest in the wrong kind of treatment when they are first seeking help and end up learning the wrong tools, wasting money, and wasting precious time they’ll never get back. The Masterclass will help you avoid all that nonsense.

Having a clear plan and learning the right strategies is key to getting to taking your life back from OCD. When you look at it that way, you can't afford not to invest in the Masterclass.

A: This is a great question because I think the biggest problem most people face right now is... a lack of time. I want to help with that. A lot of people struggling with OCD will make the mistake of passing on training like this because they just don’t have the time.

But “not having the time” isn’t the reason why you pass up an opportunity like this, it’s actually a symptom of the problem... A problem like focusing your time and energy on the wrong things.

The Overcoming OCD Masterclass was created to help you get focused on the right things, so you can start breaking out of that loop and stop spending time on OCD and start spending time on the things that really matter to you.

And the best part, after you register for The Masterclass, you can access the content 24/7 on any device, so you can learn during your commute, during your workout, or anywhere that’s convenient.

A. Yes! I offer one on one sessions by phone and skype. I generally offer packages of multiple sessions depending on the need of the client. But I only offer my one on one services to people that have gone through the Overcoming OCD Masterclass. 

Why you ask?

Well as I have stated before, the educational foundation is so important for success. Instead of spending several sessions on education I want my clients to be equipped with all the information before we start sessions. This ultimately saves my clients a lot of time and money.

A: That is perfectly fact this course was especially designed for you. You will probably save yourself years trying to figure all this out this information on your own.

A: The material is all digital, so you don't have to wait for anything to arrive via snail mail. You can access the workshop as soon as you enroll, on any device that's connected to the internet.

A: I get this question all the time and the honest answer is... it depends on you. Are there people who completely get there life back from OCD and it never bothers them again....Yes. Are there people who deal with OCD for the rest of their life....You bet!. 

The reality is that the removal of OCD doesn't equal a "happy life". 

Now the truth is people will always have weird thoughts and uncomfortable feelings from time to time because that is simply part of being human. I still have weird thoughts and there are times when I get anxious, but guess what so does 99% of the population. It doesn't mean I still have OCD. OCD is not really the thoughts and feelings as much as it is this loop people get stuck in. When I was stuck in OCD these thoughts and feelings consumed my entire day, literally. But ever since I went through the process of getting my life back from OCD I can honestly say that my life is completely different in a great way. So in short, is OCD 100% curable? - I don't know. But if we flip the question to - "Can I get my life back from OCD" 

YES! I Did and You Can Too.

A: Ooh, good one. Live intensive programs can be very effective, especially in severe cases of OCD. But they also cost considerably more than the online training ($10,000 +, compared to $297 for the online training -- plus you only get to do the intensive once and may have travel expenses as well.) In the online workshop, you learn at your own pace, without travel, on any device and you can review it anytime because you have Lifetime access.

A: The best part about the Masterclass is, after you register, you get lifetime access. You can retake the course whenever you want for free! So if you’re busy with work, family, travel, or whatever you might have going on… you are fully taken care of.

At some distant point in the future, if I ever decide for some reason to take the Masterclass down. I will make all the videos fully downloadable so you can keep them forever.

A: I love interacting with the Masterclass members. I go through the discussion threads and make comments and answer questions. It's a great way to bounce ideas around -- and it's a lot cheaper than one-on-ones!

A: I have a 30-day ‘no questions asked’ money-back guarantee. Simply contact us at [email protected] and get your money back. Very few people ever have because they start using the Masterclass strategies and see results. It's worth it, I promise.

A: No. The discounted registration period for this offer closes in a matter of days. Why do we do this? Well, we all have a tendency to put off decisions. This deadline encourages you to get focused on taking your life back, come to a conclusion, and take action.

A: When I put together this course, I had three types of people in mind.

Person #1: You're new to this whole OCD thing. You feel lost and overwhelmed & are in need of information and path to follow. 

Person #2: You’ve had OCD for a while. You have done some research. You know what kind of help you need. …but you can’t afford it. And while this course might seem expensive at first glance...when you compare it to seeing an OCD Specialist one-on-one (which costs up to $300 for 50 minutes)….you are saving a ton of money for the knowledge you are acquiring. 

Person #3: You are in, or are considering, professional treatment. And you want to supplement and speed up your process with additional knowledge and tools. 

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